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This report, the first of its kind yet to be published, provides a detailed and impartial account of how the individual's right to hold beliefs is understood, protected.
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Global Restrictions on Religion | Pew Research Center

The representative of the United States said the recent tragic events in such places as San Diego, Sri Lanka and Christchurch — as well as ethnic cleansing perpetrated against the Rohingya in Myanmar, the Yazidis in Iraq and other groups — remind the international community that it must come together to work across borders to protect religious communities and minorities all over the world. The representative of Egypt also voiced concern that millions of people around the world recently have fallen victim to stereotyping, racism, discrimination or acts of violence based on their religion or belief.

Spotlighting the concerning rise of right-wing ideologies, he said some political groups and parties organize incitements and take advantage of unjustified fears and distortions to achieve their narrow political objectives.

1. Introduction to Freedom of Religion or Belief

Those actions have led to an unprecedented rise in racism, discrimination and xenophobia, including against migrants. The representative of Brazil, joining others in condemning all acts of violence, terrorism and extremism in all its forms, said the recent attacks against religious communities are a warning of the nefarious impacts of extremism if it is left unchecked.

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Interfaith dialogue may offer an important remedy, he said, adding that empathy, compassion and altruism are needed now more than ever. The representative of Iran said Islamophobia is slowly overtaking other forms of religious bigotry around the globe. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly difficult to practice, look and live as a Muslim in many countries — even some that routinely claim the high ground on human rights issues.

Against that backdrop — where moderation and tolerance are under threat by myopic politicians and irresponsible media platforms — he called for people to stand together against such rhetoric.

Freedom of Religion and Belief: A World Report

An observer for the Holy See said his delegation remains gravely concerned about the many recent attacks against religious communities and other minority groups. In that regard, he cited the Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together — signed in February by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam — and recalled that it states that persons, and not religions, should be blamed for acts of violence. Protection against extremism is a top priority for China.

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Vocational and educational training centres help minorities learn important skills and contribute to fighting poverty. They are learning centres, not camps, he said, pointing out that China has invited press and officials to visit the centres in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

norvimogi.gq The United States delegate has accused China of repressing the culture and language of ethnic minorities, but it was in the recent Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues that many speakers accused the United States Government of killing its own indigenous peoples, extinguishing their languages and oppressing their voices. China strives to promote the rights of all citizens, he reiterated, noting that his Government promotes and provides services in various languages. The Assembly emphasized the importance of effective implementation of regional environmental protection programmes for sustainable development in Central Asia and invited the specialized agencies of the United Nations system to develop their cooperation with the Fund.

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However, since the s, it has shrunk rapidly. International reports indicate that victimization on the grounds of religion or belief is on the rise globally. Other social hostilities based on religion are also on the rise.


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