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Ember and Ash (Castings Trilogy) [Pamela Freeman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The old ones will have their revenge. Two peoples .
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Freeman shows her mastery of her craft - aurealisXpress An impressively different fantasy novel - Sydney Morning Herald The Castings Trilogy comes highly recommended especially for those looking for something different and thought provoking from their fantasy literature - Radio National s Book Show a satisfying diversion from formula-based fantasy. About Galaxy. OR If you use 'OR' between 2 single words, then either or both of those words will be present in the search results. Home Ember and Ash. Ember and Ash. Pamela Freeman. Summary Details About the Author Reviews Two peoples have been fighting over the same land for a thousand years.

Invaders crushed the original inhabitants, and ancient powers have reluctantly given way to newer magics. But Ember was to change all this with a wedding to bind these warring people together - until her future goes up in flames. Ember s husband-to-be is murdered by a vengeful elemental god, who sees peace as a breach of faith. Set on retribution, she enlists the help of Ash, son of a seer. When I look at the work in its fullness, I have to go with four stars or more like four and a half. I enjoyed the journey through the Domains, the elemental gods, the life and death struggles, and the unexpected twist at the end -- bittersweet but satisfying.

There is no cliffhanger. This is a freestanding book that would be difficult to understand without reading Casting Trilogy which I highly recommend to fantasy lovers. View all 8 comments. Dec 27, Belinda rated it liked it Shelves: reviews , okay-books , fantasy , realistic , adventure , ya. The whole concept of the book is really interesting.

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It's really obvious that this book is a sequel to a much more detailed story, or in this case trilogy The Castings Trilogy. What's good though is that you don't need to have any prior knowledge of it to still, to an extent, enjoy reading this book. However, it would probably make the book more interesting and effective if you had read the previous books first. Because, while I was reading it, everything was fairly rushed. We were supposed to fe The whole concept of the book is really interesting.

We were supposed to feel a sense of hurt, or sympathy towards certain characters, namely Martine, but since I'd only just 'met' her, it wasn't carried out that well. I think Freeman relied on previous feelings we might've carried over from reading the first books.

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Furthermore, I don't know if Ember or Ash Elva's son were in the trilogy, but I didn't really care about what happened to them, to be honest. They were still interesting though, and there was quite clear character development in Ember. All in all though, I think it was carried out really well. Martine was probably featured in the previous books. I haven't read any of them, but the turmoil she went through with Arvid, still managed to get to me even a little bit. All the fine details about the world were touched, but didn't get overwhelming and there wasn't really any info-dump, or if there was, it was handled well.

If part of the reason of the book, was to make others read her previous novels, then Freeman did her job.

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Just enough back story leaked through to intrigue you, but not enough to give everything away. And from what I've read, her characters seem realistic as well through the emotions they feel and the way they react. This is probably contradicting to what I've said before, but even though I'm intrigued about this world, I'm not that hyped about reading about it. It's because it seems like a pretty hefty read. Just imagine a whole world, with its history of turmoil, bloodshed, woes and victories, and not to mention world-shattering change, crammed into three books.

That's the feel I'm getting though, and it's probably because from reading Ember and Ash, even though I was only exposed to little amounts of it, it showed to me a great deal, that that world is really complicated. Really complicated. Jan 03, Anu rated it really liked it. The book starts off with a disastrous wedding followed by an emotional argument between the protagonist and one of the Great powers, whose consequence is that fires all over the domain are smothered and cannot be re-lit. This being a horrible situation in the cold northern domain, the protagonist Ember, the daughter of the warlo "Ember and Ash" is a fantasy set in the Last Domain of the Eleven Domains.

This being a horrible situation in the cold northern domain, the protagonist Ember, the daughter of the warlord of the Last Domain, is set the task of stealing an ember from the Fire mountain, which is the seat of Fire. There are a few other characters of note: Arvid and Martine the rulers of the Last domain as well as the parents of Ember , Ash Senior and Ash Junior the former being favored of Water, and the latter being a peer of Ember who shares the trials of the journey with her , Cedar a strange young man with the power of stone-casting , and Elva Gods-touched, able to speak with the gods and relay their messages to the peoples.

The character development is done beautifully.

Ember and Ash

There is a certain dynamism lacking in the main characters which can be forgiven thanks to the intricate weaving of the story which makes each character perfect for his or her role. Each of them shows sudden out-of-character jumps which can almost be thought as pushing the boundaries, but they go back to their two-dimensional role post the aberration. This was my only complaint with the book. Other than this, the plot is highly developed, and left me waiting to know more. The descriptions are lyrical, and the fantasy setting is amazingly beautiful. Initially, I was a little confused due to the storyline being broken up to follow the paths of four or so characters one after the other.

However, it all comes together in a climactic finish and all the loose ends are tightly wrapped up.

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The whole book sets the heart rate at a little-faster-than-normal pace, the breaths shallow and fast, waiting, waiting, to know what happens at the end. But, unlike some other books where the end is all that matters, the journey through the book is illuminating and leaves the reader with a satisfaction that is hard to deny. I would recommend this book to all fantasy readers out there, with the advice to be patient with the story-line initially. It is definitely worth the read! Mar 29, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , earcs. This was a really fun book to read.

At times the multiple viewpoints made it difficult to follow the plotlines, but everything comes together in the end. The descriptions are moving and evocative, and I found myself rereading parts because they were so good. It appears that this book is set in the same world as the author's previous books, so I think there were some things that I missed because I hadn't read those, but it didn't take away from my enjoyment of the story.

The magic in this novel is This was a really fun book to read. The magic in this novel is organic, based on Powers of nature, which isn't exactly new, but the author does a good job of making each elemental terrifying in its own way. The inhabitants of the Domains are real--their descriptions make perfect sense.

The romance between the two protagonists is written well, without seeming trite or overly purple. Conflicts between characters are carried out to their natural conclusion, but it's not a boring happily-ever-after; just as in the real world, not everyone can have what they want. All the storylines seemed to be wrapped up, but there is definitely room for more to be told about the Domains, so I'll be looking for more from this author.

I received this book as an e-ARC from the publisher through Netgalley. Oct 09, Kate Forsyth rated it it was amazing Shelves: australian , fantasy , aww Ember and Ash is a stand-alone novel set in the same universe but a generation after the events of the trilogy. It begins with the wedding night of the heroine, Ember. Her husband is killed within moments of them taking their vows, by a vengeful elemental god. The tragedy re-opens old wounds and destabilises the fragile peace of the land.

Ember sets out on a quest to defeat the god and save her people, accompanied by one of her kin, Ash, the son of a seer. Their journey will test them to their limits, and help remake their world forever. She is also courageous enough to give us an unexpected ending which nonetheless rings true with the world she has created.

Jun 28, Kendra rated it really liked it Shelves: z-added-in-june , sci-fi-fantasy , z-read-in-july This book picks up about 20 years after the original series and follows the adopted son, Ash, son of Ash.

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Brings together many of the older characters from the original trilogy, but is the story of the children of Fast paced, starts out with a bang and really goes. Multiple story lines, all really enjoyable. A somewhat sad but positive ending. Nov 25, Joshua Townley rated it it was amazing. A lot of this information is introduced gradually and naturally, and at no point did I feel overwhelmed with backstory, or like I was being given a history lesson.

I imagine this is quite tricky for an author to do; making the world accessible to new readers without bogging the fans down with reiterations, but I thought this balance was just right. They accompany Ember on her mission, and Cedar quickly became my favourite character. The new generation of leaders under the Ice King hope to improve their situation by trading with the warlords from the Domains, rather than carrying on the endless fighting.

At this point, I feel I need to state that this is not a high action story. This is a character-driven story, with romance sub-plots. Even the journey to the mountain itself does not seem hurried. But the world is so well crafted, and Freeman takes the time to paint the world with such vivid descriptions of the locations, that I found myself wanting to slow down and spend a bit more time to really appreciate each location.

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  • And the writing itself is no less compelling for its lack of action. At times I found myself re-reading sections because they were so beautifully crafted, and the settings so fascinating. The one downside I found with this book was that it took me a little while to fall in love with the characters. There was also a lot of jumping around to the different characters, introducing them all and their individual missions, that I found a bit frustrating initially. This happens less and less as the book goes on, and, to be fair, is necessary to the story, so by the end when all the threads are tied together very neatly, I was willing to forgive the author for this.

    Overall Pros Beautifully written Main characters are compelling Great world-building, filled with history and customs that make it come alive Cons Took me a while to get into Some of the minor characters added very little Rating 4. Feb 03, Linda Engman rated it it was ok Shelves: bk-club.

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