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CCIE Professional Development: Advanced IP Network Design provides the solutions network engineers and managers need to grow and.
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Advanced IP Network Design provides you with a basic foundation to understand and implement the most efficient network design around the network core, distribution and access layers, and the common and edge network services.

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Case studies support each protocol to provide you with valuable solutions to common blocks encountered when implementing an IGP- or EGP-based network Advanced IP Network Design offers expert-level solutions and help with CCIE exam preparation through the following features: practical discussion and implementation of CCIE-level networking issues; case studies that highlight real-world design, implementation, management, and troubleshooting issues; scenarios that help you put the presented solutions to use; and chapter-ending review questions and exercises.

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Easy returns. Back to top. Both network. First, the problem of dividing engineers and graduate students will sented material.

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It is, however, possible the network into areas and the related find this hook useful due to a large to gain basic understanding of routing problem of choice of area border routers number of practica1,cxamples that clari- protocols operation from the appendices. The network from Chap- fy the presented dcsign principlcs. For The book consists of four parts. Part ter 4 is used as the example.

Survivable IP network design with OSPF routing

Second, the those not familiar with routing proto- One Chapters 1 4 deals with network problem of establishing external con- cols the included appendices will he a design principles, Part Two Chapters nections is discussed. Finally, the appro- great introduction to this subject.

Each chapter ends work design. The problem of assigning Development of mohile devices and with a summary and review questions.

Wireless networking allows for discusses fadtbrs that affect stability in real lems related to scalability and stability mobility and tlexibility. It can be used networks.

Advanced IP network design

The authors suggest a three- of IS-IS in the network. Proper summa- vation tells us that thcrc is an interest the design goals for each layer. Chapter 2 begins with general infor- tribution layers is discussed, and thc Wireless local area networks WLANs mation necessary for understanding the. IEEE Then the problem of routing recently become the de facto standard at different places in the network. The in the access layef is discussed, including for WLANs.

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It provides I1 Mbis in the remaining part of Chapter 2 deals with dual homed access layer routers. The 2. Four different address allo- network from Chapter 4 is used as a orthogonal frcquency-division multi- cation strategies are discussed, allowing practical example and invcstigated in plexing OFDM modulation in the 5 the reader to choose the most appropri- detail. The case studies deal with, among G H z hand providing hit rates i n the. Two others, different summarization meth- range of Mhis.

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This modulation case studies end Chapter 2. The first ods, controlling EIGRP query propaga- has become a technology for broadband one deals with the problems that arise tion, and troubleshooting techniques.

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